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Children are not Vessels to be filled , but lamps to be lit.( Swamy Chinmayanandaji)


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i. In Service Teachers Orientation Programme was conducted on 27th & 28th August 2011 by IGNOU Professors at our CVT where all of our Teachers attended the programme.

ii. A workshop on "Capacity Building" related to continuous comprehensive Evaluation system as per CBSE 

   was conducted on 06-02-2012 at our CVT by CBSE Trainers. All the Teachers attended the programme.

iii. Principal attended "Amulya Siksha" camp conducted by CCMT at Pune ( Chinmaya Vibhuti Kalwan).
iv. Principal attended Strategic Leadership programme at New Delhi on 21-08-2011.
v. Teachers Oeirntation Programme was conducted on 19th Oct 2012 by OXFORD Publishers. Mrs. Sukanya    
    Chakraborty was the resource person.
VI.     Teachers Training Programme on Co-Scholastic( Life Skill) was conducted on August 31st 2013.
VII.    ASL Training at Luknow Organised by CBSE.
VIII.    Sahodaya Principals Conference

IX.      ALICE( ICT) Training

X.      School Leadership Summit 2014.

XI.     Mind Spark Math Seminar 2014.



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