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Children are not Vessels to be filled , but lamps to be lit.( Swamy Chinmayanandaji)


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Twenty-first century technology has created a global society, connecting eastern and western culture in ways never imagined. One of the greatest benefits of this is the way spirituality has evolved. Historically, people used spirituality as a way to seek happiness and a life of purpose. Incorporating spirituality into our hectic schedules prepares us for all that life has to offer in a single day. Daily spirituality that is innovative and flexible enhances a deeper connection to the inner-self


What greater gift can you give your children than one that lasts for eternity?
Passing on a heritage of faith to children is an incredible privilege God gives to parents. And now there’s a tool to help make it easy! Inside the Parents’ Guide to the Spiritual Growth of Children, you’ll find dozens of simple, practical ways to not only tell you children what you believe, but to show them how to make faith in God part of everyday life.
We conduct various types of spiritual activities and programmes in our school with a view to inculcate spirit of faith and love among students in God and our culture. Swamijis and Bramhacharijis of CCMT background are invited to conduct these programme


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