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Children are not Vessels to be filled , but lamps to be lit.( Swamy Chinmayanandaji)


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The students are expected to arrive at school, 5 minutes earlier than school reporting time
Every student should carry his school diary to school daily and wear the identity card



The morning bell before a class or assembly is a signal for all students to go for assembly or to their respective classrooms. This should be done promptly and in silence. As soon as they are in their classes the students should get their books ready for the first period

The school uniform should be worn on all working days and for all school functions.
Parents and guardians must not visit their wards or teachers in the class rooms without the permission of the Principal



Students should get their Report Cards duly signed by their Parents / Guardians within two days of the receipt of the report cards.
Latecomers, Uniform Defaulters and children who are irregular with their Home Work will be issued a warning letter.



Students should observe good manners, wherever they are. They should spread the fragrance of their good conduct to bring credit to themselves, to their parents and to the school.



School property should be treated as one's own property and should not be damaged. Anyone who sees something damaged, should report the matter even if one does not know who has damaged it.



Money should not be lent or borrowed or articles exchanged. The school is not responsible for goods lost. It is not advisable to bring valuables like costly watches or pens or ornaments.
Bicycles must be kept locked. Students should not ride around the school ground on bicycles



A student who has been suffering from any infectious or contagious disease will not be allowed to reattend school unless a certificate is furnished from a medical authority that he/ she is free from infection.



Students are requested to co-operate in the smooth running of the school, the library and laboratory and should read the rules of the library/ laboratory displayed in these halls.




Parents are requested to co-operate in the smooth running of the school by enforcing discipline regularly and by taking general interest in their ward's progress. They should check the diary regularly to note the teacher's remarks etc. They are further requested to visit the school from time to time to assess the progress of their ward.




Parents are welcome to meet the Principal / H.M on all working days with prior appointment only. Parents may meet teachers only after obtaining permission from the Principal / H.M. Parents are requested not to enter the classes and disturb the classroom work. For further clarifications, if any, the Principal may be contacted.


School Fees once paid will not be returned back again.


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