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Given below are the definitions of some important professions for easy reference to help you decide your career. But naturally, the list is not comprehensive. If you wish to know more about a particular profession or one that is not listed here. speak to a career counsellor, a senior or your teacher for guidance.

  1. Accountancy: Profession to keep or inspect financial accounts.
  2. Acting: Art or occupation of performing in plays, films and TV.
  3. Agriculture: Science or practice of cultivating the land and growing crops.
  4. Agronomy: Science of controlling the soil to produce crops.
  5. Advertising: Business that deals with the publicising of goods/services to encourage people to buy oruse it, increasing sales/volumes.
  6. Airhostess: Stewardess in a passenger aircraft who serves food/beverages to passengers and helps them with a smiling face.
  7. Architecture : The art and science of designing and constructing buildings.
  8. Anthropology : Study of mankind, especially of its origin, development, customs and beliefs.
  9. Aquaculture : Cultivation and propagation of the natural living produce of water for commercial andindustrial use.
  10. Archaeology : Study of ancient civilizations by scientific analysis of physical remains found in theground.
  11. Announcer : A person who announces about speakers, singers, programmes and the like, especially onradio. TV or at public functions.
  12. Author : Writer of books, plays and stories.
  13. Auctioneer : Person who conducts auctions and sells goods at the auction.
  14. Art Instructor/Art Director : The former is a person with the skill/ability to guide people in the visual form of creation such as painting, drawing or sculpture. The latter is an individual employed in the printmedia or advertising who handles the designing of all printed matter.
  15. Army Officer : Officer of country's land army.
  16. Athlete : A person who participates in physical sports.
  17. Athletic Coach : A person who trains athletes.
  18. Administrator : A person who manages the day-to-day affairs of an organization or government.
  19. Admiral : The chief commander in the navy.
  20. Advocate : A lawyer who presents a client's case in a law court.
  21. Air Traffic Controller : A person at an airport who gives radio instructions to pilots wishing to takeoffor land.
  22. Anaesthetist : Person/doctor trained to administer anaesthesia for medical purpose.
  23. Analyst : Person skilled in making (especially chemical) analysis for industrial or commercial purpose.
  24. Anatomist : Anatomy is the scientific study of the structure of animal and human bodies.

        A person who studies anatomy is termed an anatomist.

  1. Anchorperson : Person who co-ordinates the discussion of a group, especially that of   participants, in a radio or TV broadcast or a stage show.
  2. Artist : Person who practices any of the fine arts, especially painting, acting etc.
  3. Astrology : Study of the position of the stars and movements of the planets in the belief that theyinfluence human affairs.
  4. Astronomy : Scientific study of the sun, moon, stars, planets etc.
  5. Astrophysics : Science of the chemical and physical condition of heavenly bodies.
  6. Aviation : Science or practice of flying aircraft.
  7. Avionics : Science of electronics applied to aviation.
  8. Aerobics Instructor : Person who trains people in energetic and rhythmic physical exercise  thatpromotes physical fitness by increasing the body's oxygen intake.
  9. Actuarial Science : Study of calculations of insurance risk and premiums by studying rates ofmortality and frequency of accidents, fires, theft etc.
  10. Bookkeeper : Person who records business transactions and accounts.
  11. Bookbinder : Person specialising in putting covers on books for commercial purposes.
  12. Book Critic : Person who evaluates and describes the quality of book or literature.
  13. Blacksmith : Person specialising in the making and repair of iron products.
  14. Bodyguard : Person who physically protects another person.
  15. Book Dealer : Person dealing in the distribution and selling of books in bulk on commission basis.
  16. Bacteriologist : Specialist in the scientific study of bacteria for medical and other purposes.
  17. Baker : One who bakes and sells bread, biscuit, cakes and other bakery items.
  18. Banker : Owner, director or manager of a bank.
  19. Biochemist : Specialist in the chemistry of living organism.
  20. Biologist : Expert in the scientific study of the life and structure of plants and animals.
  21. Biotechnology : Branch of technology dealing with forms of industrial production that use micro- organisms and their biological process.
  22. Cameraman : A professional who operates the camera for filmmaking, television production or othercommercial purposes.
  23. Cartographer : Person who draws maps and charts.
  24. Cartoonist : Artist who draws cartoons for newspapers or other visual mediums.
  25. Chauffeur : Person employed to drive a car.
  26. Cashier : Person who receives and pays money in banks, shops, hotels or offices.
  27. Censor : Person authorised to examine books, films, plays, letters and other such material and remove

parts considered indecent, offensive, politically unacceptable or a threat to the security of the country or people.

  • Costume Designer : One who makes, deals in or hires out costumes for theatrical performance, cinemaor TV.
  • Copywriter : Person who writes advertising or publicity copy.
  • Correspondent : One who contributes news or reports regularly to a newspaper, radio station or TVchannel.
  • Court Reporter : Person who reports proceeding of the court or on court cases.
  • Caterer : One who provides food for large social gatherings; the owner or manager of a hotel orrestaurant.
  • Chemist : Person who sells medicines; an expert in chemical analysis.
  • Cosmologist : Person specialising in the scientific study of the universe, its origin and development.
  • Crew : People working on a ship, aircraft, oilrigs. film unit etc.
  • Contractor : Person who does jobs under contract for a specified amount.
  • Cosmetician/Cosmetologist : An expert in cosmetics; one who sells cosmetics and advises on theiruse.
  • Carpenter : Person skilled in making wooden objects and furniture.
  • Consultant : Person who gives expert advice.
  • Conductor : Person who directs the performance of an orchestra; one who collects fares on a bus.
  • Caretaker : Person employed to look after a house, building or farmhouse.
  • Choreographer : An expert in the art of arranging steps for a dance.
  • Cryptographer : An expert who uses a secret or code language to protect confidential information,documents and computer software from hackers, copycats and pirates.
  • Computer Programmer : A person who feeds detailed instructions to the computer to solve any givenproblem.
  • Driver : Person who drives a vehicle.
  • Director : Person who manages a company or institution, especially as a member of the board; onewho directs a film.
  • Dentist : One qualified to treat diseases, malformations of, and injuries to teeth.
  • Dental Hygienist : One who specialises in cleaning and polishing people's teeth.
  • Dietician : An expert in food, diet and nutrition.
  • Deep-sea Diver : One who specialises in diving into deeper parts of the sea or ocean for searchoperations or any other purpose.
  • Detective : A person, especially a police officer, whose job is to investigate and solve crimes.
  • Draftsman : Person responsible for the exact wording of legal document or drawing of parliamentarybill and the like.
  • Designer : A person specialising in designing (machinery, homes, furniture, fashionable clothes,jewellery).
  • DJ : Disc Jockey - A person who handles the announcements for radio, TV, stage shows etc.
  • Doctor : A practitioner trained in medical science and qualified to treat patients.
  • Dramatics : Study or practice of acting or producing plays.
  • Environmental Scientist : Person who is concerned about and wants to improve or protect theenvironment through scientific means.
  • Editor : Person who handles the editing of a book or periodical - newspaper or magazine.
  • Editorial Assistant : Person who performs day-to-day editorial tasks.
  • Electrician : Person trained to install, operate or repair electrical equipment.
  • Executive Secretary : Person in a business organisation having managerial and administrative powerand reporting to the Director or Chief Executive.
  • Earth Science : Any of the sciences such as geology or geography dealing with the earth.
  • Ecologist : Expert in scientific study of the relation of plants and living creatures to each other andtheir surroundings.
  • Economist : Expert in science or principles of the production, distribution and consumption of goods, especially with reference to cost.
  • Engineer : Person who designs, builds or maintains engines, machines, bridges, railways, mines etc.
  • Entrepreneur : Person who starts or organises a commercial enterprise, especially one involvingfinancial risks,
  • Farmer : Person who owns/manages a farm and produces food grains, vegetables, fruits or poultry.
  • Forest Ranger : Person who looks after a forest, protecting animals, birds and trees.
  • Foreign Exchange Dealer : Person who deals with buying and selling of foreign money.
  • Fashion Designer : Person who designs fashionable garments.
  • Fireman : Member of an organised team of people trained to extinguish fires.
  • Food Analyst : Scientific examination of food for its nutritional value, contamination or presence ofbacteria.
  • Finger Print Expert : Person trained to analyse the pattern made by individual fingers and palms on asurface and used for identifying people, especially criminals.
  • Fisherman : One who specialises in catching fish, especially as a means of livelihood.
  • Gardener : One who works in a garden, either for remuneration or as a hobby.
  • Gastronomist : A person specialised in the art of sampling and cooking good food.
  • Genealogist : A person specialising in the study of family history.
  • Geographist : An expert in the scientific study of the earth's surface, divisions, climate and otherphysical features.
  • Geologist : An expert in the scientific study of the earth's crust, rocks, strata etc and the history of itsdevelopment.
  • Geophysicist : An expert in the scientific study of the physics of the earth - its magnetism,meteorology etc.
  • Gerontologist : An expert in the scientific study of old age and ageing.
  • Guide : A person who shows another the way, used especially for a person employed to show touristsinteresting sights.
  • Gynaecologist : An expert in the scientific study and treatment of diseases and disorders of the femalereproductive system.
  • Hairdresser : A person specialising in cutting and styling hair.
  • Horticulturist : Person expert in the art of growing flowers, fruits and vegetables; skilled gardener.
  • Hostess : Woman who receives and entertains people as guests.
  • Immunologist : Person/doctor qualified in the scientific study of protection against and resistance toinfection.
  • Insurance Agent : Person specialising in providing or selling insurance policies.
  • Interior Decorator : Person specialising in decorating the inside of a house, office or building with paint, wallpaper, furniture and other decorative pieces.
  • Interior Designer : An expert in the planned choice of style, colour, furnishing etc for the inside of ahouse, office or flat.
  •  Interpreter : Person who gives a simultaneous translation of words spoken in another language.
  • Journalist : Person involved in collecting, writing, editing and publishing material in periodicals,usually newspapers and magazines.
  • Judge : Public official with authority to decide cases in a court of law.
  • Jeweller : Person who sells, makes or repairs jewellery or ornaments.
  • Keeper : Person who looks after animals in a zoo or a collection of items in a museum.
  • Knowledge Engineer : Person who looks into the technology aspect of knowledge management.
  • Knowledge Editor : Person handling the content and composition of knowledge for books, newspapers  or web sites.
  • Lecturer : Person who gives lecturers, especially at a college T university.
  • Lexicographer : One who write or compiles dictionaries.
  • Librarian : Person in charge of or assisting in a library.
  • Lineman : Person whose job is to repair and maintain electrical or telephone lines.
  • Linguistics : Scientific study of language or of particular languages.
  • Lyricist : Person who writes the words of songs (especially popular songs).
  • Machinist : One who makes, repairs or operates machine or machine tools.
  • Macrobiotics : Science of diets that consists of whole grains and vegetables grown without chemicaltreatment.
  • Marriage Counsellor : Expert specialising in helping couples with marital problems.
  • Marine Biologist : A scientist who studies life in the sea for scientific and commercial purposes.
  • Mathematician : An expert in mathematics.
  • Matron : Woman in charge of the nurses in a hospital.
  • Metallurgist : Expert in the science of the properties of metals, their uses, methods of obtaining themfrom their ores etc.
  • Meteorologist : An expert in the scientific study of the earth's atmosphere and its changes, usedespecially for forecasting weather.
  • Minerologist : Expert in the scientific study of minerals and their various uses.
  • Model : Person employed to pose for an artist, photographer or sculptor; one employed to displayclothes or fashion accessories to prospective buyers by wearing them.
  • Musician : Person who performs or composes music.
  • Naturalist : One who studies animals, plants, birds and other living creatures.
  • Naturopath : Person who treats illness through changes in diet, exercise, manipulation and othernatural means.
  • Neurologist : An expert in the scientific study of nerves and their diseases.
  • News Reader : Person who announces the news over radio and TV.
  • Nurse : Person (usually female) trained to help doctors look after the sick and injured.
  • Occupational Therapist : One who treats a physical or mental disease through a regulated course of creative or productive work.
  • Oceanographer : Specialist in the scientific study of the oceans.
  • Operator : One who operates equipment, machines, a telephone switchboard etc.
  • Ophthalmologist : A person or doctor specialising in the scientific study of the eye and its diseases.
  • Optician : Person who makes and sells optical instruments, especially contact lenses and glasses.
  • Orthodontist : One who specialises in preventing and correcting irregularities in the teeth and jaw.
  • Orthopaedics : Branch of surgery that deals with the correction of bone deformities and diseases.
  • Paediatrics : Branch of medicine concerned with children and their illnesses.
  • Pageant Director : An expert in public entertainment consisting of a procession of people in costumesor fashionable dress.
  • Painter : Person specialising in painting walls, buildings and signboards; an artist who paints pictures.
  • Paleontologist : An expert in the study of fossils as a guide to the history of life on earth.
  • Penology : Study of crime and its punishment, and the management of prisons.
  • Petrology : Scientific study of rocks.
  • Pharmacist : One trained in the preparation of medicines; one who sell medicines.
  • Pharmacologist : Person who specialises in the scientific study of drugs and their use in medicine.
  • Physiologist : An expert in the scientific study of the normal functions of living things and the way inwhich the body of a particular living being functions.
  • Physiotherapist : Person trained in the treatment of disease, injury or weakness in the joints or musclesthrough exercises , massage and the use of light, heat etc.
  • Pilot : One who operates the controls of an aircraft.
  • Plumber : One who specialises in the fitting and repair of waterpipes, water tanks, cisterns etc in abuilding.
  • Politician : One who is well versed in the science of governance, actively or professionally.
  • Psephologist : Expert in the study of the way in which people vote in elections, especially by means ofopinion polls.
  • Psychiatrist : Specialist in the study and treatment of mental illness.
  • Psychologist : An expert in the science or study of the mind and how it functions.
  • Producer : Person who produces a film, TV, radio, video or stage programme.
  • PRO : A Public Relations Officer specialises in presenting a good image of an organisation, firm,  government or person to the public, especially through the selective dissemination of information.
  • Qua Master: A person who conducts a quiz or competition, especially on TV, radio or stage in whichpeople answer questions to test their knowledge.
  • Radiologist: A doctor specialising in the diagnostic use of X-rays and in other methods of imaging theinternal structure of the body.
  • Radio Therapist: Expert in the treatment of diseases, especially cancer, by radiation, such as X-rays.
  • Receptionist: Person employed to make appointments for or receive callers at a hotel, office, clinic orother establishment.
  • Radio Astronomy: Astronomical study by means of radar; study of radio waves generated in space.
  • Sailor: Member of ship's crew, especially one below the rank of officer.
  • Salesperson: One whose job is to sell goods in shops or door to door.
  • Sanitary Inspector: An official who checks hygienic conditions in shops, restaurants and otherestablishments.
  • Sociologist: An expert m the scientific study of the nature and development of society and socialbehaviour.
  • Speech Therapist: Person trained to help people with speech problems.
  • Speleologist: A scientist who studies and explores caves.
  • Sports Editor: An editor in a newspaper or magazine who specialises in sports.
  • Seismologist: Scientist who studies earthquakes.
  • Surveyor: Person who surveys and values vehicles, buildings or other property; one who surveys land.
  • Stock Broker: Person who buys and sells stocks and shares for clients on a commission basis.
  • System Analyst: A computer professional who develops a programme, analyses the system andsupervises how a company's computer software runs.
  • Software Engineer: An engineer who develops software that involves the systematic application of computer tools and techniques to develop high quality, reliable and user-friendly    applications as well as system software.
  • Script Writer: One who writes scripts for TV serials, cinema and documentaries or adapts a novel or story for television, radio or cinema.
  • Tailor: One who specialises in cutting and stitching outer garments, especially for men.
  • Travel Agent: Person who makes arrangements for people wishing to travel, e.g. buying tickets,making hotel and airline reservations.
  • Umpire: Person appointed to see that the rules are observed and to settle disputes; a person chosen toact as a judge between two parties who disagree.
  • Underwriter: Person or organisation that underwrites (accept liability) insurance policies, especially  for ships, aircraft etc.
  • VJ: Video Jockey - A person who acts as an anchor in television/video shows.
  • Value: A professional specialising in estimating the monetary value of a company, property, land,jewellery, goods or other items.
  • Veterinary Surgeon: A person skilled in the treatment of animal diseases and injuries.
  • Virologist: An expert in the scientific study of virus and viral disease.
  • Wildlife Specialist: An expert in wildlife who helps implement measures for the conservation of  wildlife.
  • Writer: Person whose job is to write books, stories, articles and the like.
  • Welder: One who specialises in joining two metals by raising the temperature at the joints by meansof external heat.
  • Warehouse Man: Person who stores goods before they are sent to shops.
  • Warrant Officer: Non-commissioned officer of the highest grade in the army, air force or navy.
  • Zoologist: An expert in the scientific study of the structure, form and distribution of animals.
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