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Children are not Vessels to be filled , but lamps to be lit.( Swamy Chinmayanandaji)


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In Order to channelise the energy of young students into constructive work the SSS-X entrusts them with duties and responsibilities. The school follows House systems where in all students have been divided into three Houses, Mars, Earth and Jupiter.


 Mars is a symbolic of new beginning, birth and initiation. It is incredibly influence in illuminating our vision. Its energy is comprised of masculine, active, passivity, aspiration, goal oriented, enthusiast and vitality. Its energy forces us to comfort our deepest darkest, secrete and drive a spike of active understanding in the heart of our shadow. The students of this house will imbibe the spirit of these qualities and values from this planet.


 It is a largest planet in our solar system. It is universally recognized as the planet of higher mind. It represents generosity, goodness and opportunity. It includes certain attributes- expansion, good luck, protection wealth, abundance optimism, justice. The students of this house will try to cultivate and enrich glory of the higher values from this planet.


 It is the symbol of life. It represents the manifestation of matter. It is the embodiment of concept of home. It represents punctuality, stability, materialism and realism. Earth signs provide the resources necessary for the function of life. It sustains, maintains and flourishes all form of lives on her surface. The students of this house will acknowledge the idea of creation, substances and preservation and sacrifice of mother Earth for all.



Venus sign gives you priceless insight into the ways you draw love, beauty and friendship to your life, and how you express yourself creatively. You will want to study both the sign and house position of the planet Venus at the time of your birth. Venus follows in orbit close to the Sun, her Greek name is Aphrodite. Your Venus describes how you love, whom you love and what you love.

Venus to reveal how you experience and share beauty. Quite simply, Venus act as a muse, leading you toward your passions. Through her eyes, you see the poignancy and colour in life, and in return, may offer a personal expression of it, through an art form. But beyond that, it is how you pass on and integrate what you’ve absorbed of the meaning of life through your all important ever evolving web of relationship.



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