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Children are not Vessels to be filled , but lamps to be lit.( Swamy Chinmayanandaji)

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Events At CVT
Celebration of Hindi Divas

Hindi, the national Language of India brings harmony and understanding between all the Indians. Students of Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Therubali celebrated Hindi Day or Hindi Divas on 14th September every year as on 14th Sep 1949 Hindi was adopted as the national Language. As per the article (343), the Indian constitution adopted Hindi in Devanagri Script as the Official language of the union in 1950. It was envisioned that Hindi would become the sole working language of the Central Government by 1965. Different programmes were conducted by the students such as Hindi Poem recitation, Speeches delivered by students emphasizing the importance and popularization of Hindi language in our Country.

Celebration of Lord Ganesh Puja

Lord Sri Ganesh Puja was celebrated in on 30th September with great faith and reverence. The day started with the prayer to invoke the lord’s benign grace. Then abisheka and pooja were performed to Lord Ganesha, In the main shrine. This was followed by bhajans and slokas recital that made the entire atmosphere divine and serene. Students of the School brought flowers, Prasad and other pooja items. The students chanted the namavalli following the priest’s

instructions and offered flowers at the lord’s feet, which was followed by the arti. All the students and teachers prayed to the lord with great faith and devotion. The vibration of the prayer’s intensity was felt by one and all. Finally, Prasad was distributed to all the students and teachers. Thus the celebrations came to a happy ending. During evening a Bhajan Programme was arranged. All Teachers, Management members and company executives and their family attended this arti programme.

Realease of School News Letter, Therubali Times

The first School Newsletter, The Therubali Times, was released on 29th September 2012 by Mr. D.Senapati (V.P.O) IMFA. It is a very important document that serves to provide one of the ways that communication between the school, parents

and general community can be maintained. With the publication of this newsletter, students and teachers get better platform to express their creative talents both in Scholastic as well as Co-Scholastic areas of learning.



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