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Career Factors

After the SWOT analysis, career drivers and goal setting, it is not very difficult to choose a career. You know what you want in life, you know what your potential is and you know where opportunities exist for you.
Besides these, there are other factors you must remember while selecting a career:
Intelligence: This includes IQ, Social Intelligence and Emotional Quotient. Well-rounded intelligence is more important for succees than simply having a high IQ.
Personality: You may be an introvert, extrovert, dominating or submissive in nature. If you are an introvert, for instance, you should not choose a career that calls for extroverts. Give due importance to your personality traits while choosing a career.
Interest: All work is hard work unless you have a passion for it. No amount of ability, aptitude or monetary consideration can make a difference if you have no interest in the job. Ensure you have a passion for the profession you get into.
Aptitudes: If you happen to be good at art, it would be meaningless to work in a factory.
Physique: Various jobs have differing physical demands and the choice of career should be taken after duly considering this. A man with poor health could hardly make a career in the police force or the armed services.
Gender: Though professionally men and women are supposedly equal. Nature has bestowed different physiques and capabilities on each.
Age: Some careers need an early entry to be successful. A late entry may mean lack of opportunities for advancement, leading to frustration caused by unfulfilled ambitions.
So remember all these facts when taking a decision that could make or mar your life. Let us now examine the more practical aspects. The five top fields in the present and the near future are:
Health Care: Technology will keep creating medical breakthroughs, offering opportunities for employment at all levels.
Robotics: Experts project a new generation of robots that could see, hear, feel and obey commands. The demand for engineers, technicians, installers, repair and maintenance people will rise steadily.
Computer Graphics: CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAI (Computer Aided Imagery) will be two of the fastest growing fields in the 21st century, revolutionising design in manufacturing, fashion, film and video.
Information Technology: Advances in telecommunications, fibre optics, mega communications mergers, and the Internet all make for an explosion of jobs in this fast-growing field.
Biotechnology/Genetic Engineering: Solving medical problems through emerging technology will be the new challenge of this century. Individuals with a background in science, biology, engineering and chemistry will have unlimited opportunities in this field in the 21st century.

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